Mastering FB Ads with targeting your perfect audience

Learn to master Facebook Ads with this course. By taking this course you shall be learning all the different types of Ads on Facebook, Split testing, optimizing your Ad to reach the best audience. You can also take this course to get contracts by helping other business owners with their advertising.

Google Maps SEO: The 4 Ranking Pillars

Organic SEO and Google Maps SEO are not quite the same! With this course you shall learn fast ways in getting your local business shown from the first positions on Google, know the 4 pillars of ranking in maps, get more reviews to your business pages and build back-links to your Google+ page.

Instagram Marketing Grow Your Audience

Looking to gain lots of followers on Instagram? You'll understand how Instagram can help you to grow your business, advanced Instagram features, build your fan base, make Instagram ads to promote your page, products and services and even how to make money on Instagram!

Google AdWords Course For Top Ad Optimization

With this course you shall learn everything you need to know about advertising on Google, including setting up your Adwords account, what keywords to use, set up conversation tracking and phone calls from your website, take advantage of competitor reports, A/B testing and much more.

Twitter Marketing Step by Step to Mastery

This course shall teach you all the steps needed to get thousands of customers for your business. You shall be learning how to get visitors to your website, tools to save you time, hundreds of relevant followers everyday, exactly when to tweet, how to tweet and what to tweet for maximum results!

LinkedIn Marketing – Build A Brand and Generate Leads

Do you want to capture business owner's attention? With this course you will learn the exact steps in doing so. You shall learn how to build a brand, how to generate business leads and create a LinkedIN Marketing system that works without you having to put hours on it.

Complete Overview on SEO Training

This course will cover an overall view about SEO. You will get to know the 40 SEO factors on ranking the first on Google, speed optimization, improving user experience, how to find keywords that have high traffic and are long-tail keywords. You will also learn how to optimize your website's contents, and how to build high quality back-links briefly.