Introduction to Corporate Finance

When earning money you should understand your numbers very well. This course will explain in depth about finance, such as your personal finance, corporate decision making and even financial intermediation. There are also key concepts to be explained in more details such as tradeoffs, cost of capital, interest rates and capital budgeting.

Principles and Concepts of Entrepreneurship

This course will let your journey in earning money begin. You must know the principles of being an entrepreneur and the 4 models, which are the nature of growth, managing resources, finding opportunities and formulating ideas and execution based on such opportunities.

Financing your business without VC

You want to earn money but you don't have money to start your business? This course will teach you on how you can earn money for yourself and for your business without having a venture capital and sharing a lot of your equity rather than keeping most of the percentage to yourself. There are 5 proven models that you will be learning in this course, and all those models have worked well especially with successful entrepreneurs and with real stories.

Financial Value

Understanding the value of finance will help make better decisions when earning money. You have to understand the currency value for everything you buy and sell. This course will also teach you about the best way to generate values, which is by ideas. When generating ideas for any business, you will also have to measure how good the idea is based on cash flow, investment required, customer behaviors, and measuring risks.

Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Marketing strategy is the most important thing to have in order to earn money being an entrepreneur. This course will teach you how to perfect cold-calls and analyze the buying behavior of each customer. And will also teach you how to set your marketing goals so that it is realistic and achievable. Take this course now to learn then earn!

Principles of Valuation: Time Value of Money

In order to start earning money, one must understand the time value of money so this course will teach you about money in full details. You have to analyze the money you are receiving with relative to the time you are putting in. You also have to measure your passion with time and the return of money you are getting back from it. In order to keep earning money in a stable and long-term way this course shall cover all those techniques.