Strategies for Quality Software

This course takes Java novices to the following level by covering object-situated investigation and plan. You will find how to make secluded, adaptable, and reusable programming, by applying object-situated outline standards and rules. Also, you will have the capacity to impart these plans in a visual documentation known as Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Introduction to Big Data

This course establishes a decent framework for understanding what Big Data is, the thing that it is useful for, and furthermore what it isn't great for. it makes them think about issues in a "major information way". It is a prologue to the devices utilized as a part of huge information investigation. Concentrates on helpful assignments, for example, downloading and utilizing Hadoop in different situations. Gives a clarification of the building segments and programming models utilized for adaptable huge information investigation.

Software Architecture for the Internet of Things

This course provides the basic ground to begin the IoT programming engineering journey. The course gives a decent look on how frameworks can be arranged and recorded. It is great rule of Quality Attribute Driven Software Architecture plan. It brings strategies and cases to qualify and evaluate necessities and their characteristics. You will learn how Modifiability and interoperability for example are connected to IoT. Tradeoffs and methods in engineering outline and advancement are all around clarified in the course.

Software Architecture

This course alludes to the abnormal state structures of a software system, the teach of making such structures, and the documentation of these structures. These structures are expected to reason about the software system. You will figure out how units - subroutines, classes, capacities structures are spoken to. You will learn components, associations, conventions, topologies, limitations, tradeoffs, and varieties of various sorts of structural styles utilized as a part of the plan of uses and frameworks.